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MTJB Develops New Multi-mission Drone

MTJB develops new multi-mission drone

MTJB has been developing a game changing semi-autonomous, field configurable and mission adaptable unmanned air system, ThunderbirdTM, that we are exhibiting for the first time at DSEI in London this September.

Designed to be carried within the standard issue kit our system gives full versatility to the user. The payload comes in a variety of interchangeable mission modules that can be used individually or combined to give enhanced capabilities depending on the real time requirements.

The system gives the user the following benefits:

  • Fully upgradeable through interchangeable mission modules
  • Combine mission modules for enhance mission capabilities
  • Quick set-up in the field
  • Pre-programmable mission parameters
  • In-flight data updates
  • Manual flight capable
  • User configurable lift system for increased payloads

With the level of adaptability ThunderbirdTM offers our system has been designed to be deployed by military, emergency services, search and rescue, aerospace and even the construction industry.

Visit us at stand N2-150 to see what the system is capable of and how we can work with you to develop your systems.

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