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military aircraft

After a near miss between a military jet and passenger aircraft the RAF wanted to bring the Traffic Collision Alerting System (TCAS) in to service. This was a challenge as the system was an adapted commercial system that was not used to providing this complexity in a combat manoeuvre scenario.

On this project our engineers were required to provide the Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA) plan. ITEA requires the engineers to look across all elements of the system not just the technical. It includes assessing the requirements for Training, Equipment, Personnel, Information, Concepts & Doctrine, Organisation, Infrastructure and Logistics. The project involved providing expertise to the customer and providing:

  • Gathering of evidence of meeting requirements
  • Performing a Gap Analysis (GA) on the requirements and validation documents
  • Maintaining a verification and validation (V&V) matrix
  • Multiple stakeholder management (military and defence companies)
  • Presenting this evidence at regular working groups and stakeholder meetings
  • Developing the ITEA plan
  • Developing the acceptance case documentation
  • Dealing with the Military and Civil Aviation Authority (MAA/CAA) for safety case compliance
  • Presenting the acceptance case to the 1* Sponsor for Initial Operational Capability (IOC)

The TCAS system passed the IOC phase and the ITEA plan was presented to the sponsor. We also developed a new in-house designed presentation tool that impressed the customer, who asked for other projects to also be presented in this way.

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