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Aircraft control unit in the cockpit of modern airplane

As part of the development programme for a next generation passenger aircraft MTJB was contracted by a 1st tier supplier. The system was a major avionics upgrade allowing communication between many parts of the aircraft and feeding in to the core system.

MTJB’s role within this programme was to assist with the development of the system requirements.

Due to the system being analogue and digital working across all ARINC systems (A429, A629, A664 and A825) this involved managing multiple stakeholders across the systems, hardware, software and qualification engineers. MTJB was actively involved with developing the following documentation:

  • Analogue Interface Document
  • Top Level Specification
  • Unit Requirements Document
  • System Requirements Document
  • Interoperability Document

Part of MTJB’s responsibility was the raising of documentation to highlight errors and taking them through the various governance boards ending in incorporation to the current documents to allow uplifts. This involved providing the evidence and compliance matrix to demonstrate the rationale behind each change.

MTJB worked very closely with the customer to make sure that the documentation was of the correct quality and content to advance the project. The contract was successfully extended to continue to provide active support.

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