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Soldier in military polygon

The customer developed a new soldier protection product being designed for an international tender. As part of this process the end user required not only the actual design but also the supporting paperwork and evidence to make the tender compliant.

MTJB was contracted to supply an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) plan. This project had a unique set of requirements that meant we had to tailor the ILS plan. In the beginning, even before being awarded the contract, MTJB listened carefully to the full brief and worked closely with the customer to make sure that the work to be carried out was exactly what the customer required.

This is something that MTJB can achieve because being a small engineering company, MTJB is agile meaning we quickly adapt our processes to match the customer’s requirements. We worked closely with the customer to make sure that the processes were identified within the plan and that compliance with the tender requirements was maintained.

Not only did MTJB produce the required documentation but we also helped the customer to identify gaps in the processes and procedures that if not discovered would have caused issues further down the tender process and even in to the delivery of the product if selected.

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