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Gas turbines designed for aerospace are also adapted to be used in power generation both on board naval ships, such as the Queen’s class carrier (HMS Queen Elizabeth) and  as stand alone units in remote areas powering industry and homes. MTJB worked closely with a major manufacturer of aerospace gas turbines to provide experienced systems engineers to undertake fault analysis on gas turbines adapted for Naval maritime power generation and then to supply read across in to the other  key sectors.

By studying and analysing the fault reports received for the gas turbine engines including the Gnome, Spey, Olympus and Trent our systems experts produced detailed reports to inform the customer of the failure mode, its possible effect and any preventative measures (if necessary) that should be implemented. These reports were based upon the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) documentation, operational procedures and laboratory testing and were analysed across all domains for applicability. the results were fed into any lessons learned activities.

The work was essential in providing the evidence to either enable the continued operation of the gas turbines or, if too high a risk, to stop the use of potentially dangerous equipment that could have cost lives.

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