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Gas turbines are used within Naval marine ships and when there is a serious or potentially serious fault a safety alert report is raised. These reports need to be assessed for the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and implications to the safety of the ship and personnel. The reports are also assessed to ensure that there are no safety issues in other sectors, aerospace and energy generation, that use the same engines.

Engineers within our team worked on these reports for the Gnome, Spey, Olympus and Trent engines. They worked with the customer’s reports, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and their supply chain to analyse all data linked with the design, manufacture and use of the gas turbines producing a final report that was presented to the chief engineer with full recommendations of follow on actions if required.

The work provided the evidence to either allow the continued operation of the gas turbines for each sector or to stop the use of a potentially dangerous piece of equipment.

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