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Aircraft Concept

With the prime aerospace designers wanting their aircraft to be more interconnected there is an ever increasing need to make all components more and more complicated.

For this project a major supplier of fuel pumps wanted to look at the inclusion of a Health Monitoring System (HMS) that could be used on the next generation of aircraft. They contracted for a 3-month study of the current and emerging technologies that could be integrated with an aerospace fuel pump.

In the first place we looked at all the elements of the fuel pump (inputs/outputs) to see what could be used to provide the information on the health of the pump. Next, we looked at the technologies that would be able to sense these variables and how they could be integrated. This went from the mechanical methods currently known through to innovative technologies used in other fields such as medicine.

We provided a report and presentation on the findings to the customer and the prime designer’s next generation aircraft head. The report was so successful that the customer asked us to produce a white paper that the company could distribute.

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