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The military are always looking for ways to improve on the ballistic protection for both the combat soldier and vehicles. Turning to nature we can see that many creatures have, over centuries, developed their own damage tolerance mechanisms that with some adaptation could be used to develop the next generation of protective armour.

MTJB has carried out its own research in to this area looking at a very specific creature found within the ocean. The shell of the red abalone has three mechanisms that when combined provide an extremely high resistance to impact damage. The energy of the impact is directed away from the creature within leaving them totally unharmed. By developing a structure to mimic these mechanisms we aimed to develop a novel body armour enhancement.

We have developed a simulation that proved the theory. Energy can indeed be directed away from the back face of the structure. MTJB also designed the complex shape of the individual parts that when stacked in the correct formation will allow this system to be constructed. We are continuing our research in to this system.

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