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Airbus were developing the A320/321 NEO (New Engine Option), which involved the stress and fatigue calculation checks for certification. A 1st tier supplier to Airbus was contracted to undertake some of this work as a defined work package.

Working with this 1st tier supplier as the project manager on the integration team we supplied both the supplier and end customer with:

  • Project and resource planning
  • Delivery of stress and fatigue reports
  • Project reporting to the end customer
  • Internal project technical and financial reporting
  • Risk management
  • KPI tracking and reporting

Our project manager managed to successfully bring the outstanding work in progress (WiP) down from £300,000 to £20,000 within 6 months. We produced the state of work (SOW) and get it signed off for follow on work for a further £400,000 worth of work for the 1st tier supplier.

We also produced a bespoke tool that allowed for:

  • Project deliverable tracking
  • Dependencies tracking and effect analysis
  • Auto generation of Electronic Customer Memo (ECM) numbering and tracking
  • Auto generation of presentation compatible reporting diagrams.
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