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Aircraft control unit in the cockpit of modern airplane

Requirements Development of Aerospace Avionic System

As part of the development programme for a next generation passenger aircraft MTJB was contracted…

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Soldier in military polygon

Integrated Logistic Support for New Soldier Personal Protective Equipment

The customer developed a new soldier protection product being designed for an international tender. As…

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military aircraft

Requirements Management for Military System Upgrade

After a near miss between a military jet and passenger aircraft the RAF wanted to…

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Aircraft Major Modification Certification Management

Airbus were developing the A320/321 NEO (New Engine Option), which involved the stress and fatigue…

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Aircraft Concept

Future Aerospace Fuel Pump Health Monitoring Feasibility Assessment

With the prime aerospace designers wanting their aircraft to be more interconnected there is an…

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Gas Turbine Safety Alert Analysis

Gas turbines are used within Naval marine ships and when there is a serious or…

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Soldier Systems Trial Management

The British Army run a regular programme that is based around a theme and allows…

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Armour research project

Armour Research Project

The military are always looking for ways to improve on the ballistic protection for both…

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Ballistic Testing of Police PPE

All PPE going in to police service within the Metropolitan Police is batch tested to…

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