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MTJB Thunderbird Is Go

MTJB Thunderbird is go

MTJB attended DSEI19 last week in the Excel centre in London. Covering over 100,000 Sq m of floor space it is one of the largest defence shows of the year. What better place to unveil the first public showing of Thunderbird. Our patented design gives the end user a truly modular air system that gives both adaptability in the field but also easy repairs when needed meaning that the system is not out of action for long.

We have designed it to be fully configurable and able to take custom electronics within its mission modules. The possibilities of what this system can do are vast and span from reconnaissance to search and rescue across defence and civilian sectors. One minute it can be scanning a structure for weaknesses and by switching out the mission modules the next minute it is providing extended range communications in hard to reach areas.

Designed to be man portable all parts are small enough to be carried in a standard pack and assembled in seconds. The battery modules allow the system to be back in action as fast as possible limiting the amount of time that the system is on the ground.

the full information can be downloaded here: Thunderbird mission adaptable drone




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