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Over 20 years of system engineering expertise

About MTJB

MTJB engineering is a privately owned engineering company that provides systems engineering consultancy and support across multiple sectors including aerospace, defence and maritime. We support our clients at every stage of the engineering life cycle process from defining the system requirements and architecture through to full system realisation, putting the system into service and then the disposal of the system at the end of the service life. We aim to be the go-to systems engineering consultancy supplying to all sectors both domestic and internationally.

Formed in 2017 on the back of over 20 years of systems engineering knowledge and experience. The owner was an aircraft engineer in the Royal Air Force and then worked around Europe on major aerospace projects from KLM’s Boeing 747 fleet to Airbus’ A380. The company was started by the owner as he quickly realised that although systems engineering is a discipline everyone talks about not many people, including engineers, fully understand what it is. Ask three engineers “what is systems engineering?” and you will get three different explanations.

MTJB employs experts across many sectors to bring benefits to engineering programmes through our understanding of the systems engineering discipline. we do this through the use of its tools, methodologies and our extensive knowledge. our experience spans across the full engineering life cycle and has been a benefit to various organisations large and small.

Our Core Values

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