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Mark - Managing Director of MTJB Engineering.

The owner

Mark is the Managing Director of MTJB Engineering. He founded the company in 2017 with the ideal to build it in to one of the top engineering companies in the UK and Europe.

Mark started his career in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engineer on the Tornado F3’s and Chinook squadrons. On leaving the RAF he had a varied career working over Europe on both Military and Civilian fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Mark worked for companies including Airbus, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, GE, QinetiQ and KLM on aircraft ranging from Lynx, Gulfstream, 737, 747, A320 right through to working on A380 build. More recently Mark has been involved in working on products designed for the Army as both soldier and vehicle systems.

Mark attended University as a mature student and now has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace systems engineering and a master’s in research in advanced composites. He is a Chartered Engineer with the IMechE and has the Association of Project Managers Professional (APMP) qualification.

The Company

MTJB Engineering is founded on a solid base of engineering skills and has a core team of people who are all passionate about what they do.

Our work is split between the engineering services we offer to our customers and the internal research programmes, that are ongoing at our office. Based in North Bristol we are within striking distance of MoD Abbeywood, Airbus and all the 1st tier suppliers in to the defence and aerospace industries.

As an SME it gives us the flexibility to adapt rapidly to the constant changing environments found in these two industries and ultimately to our customer’s requirements. Being an SME also means that our customers are not greeted with a faceless corporation, but instead we build a relationship based on mutual values. Whilst still in the early years the company is already growing, building new connections and looking for new sectors where our transferable skills can be utilised throughout the engineering world.

Our Core Values

We at MTJB believe in these 3 core customer values:

We will always take pride in the work that we produce and only deliver what we would be happy to accept
We will listen to the customer’s requirements and endeavour to help them achieve their goals as this will ultimately help us achieve ours
We will do everything within our power to ensure that the customer’s confidentiality is maintained and respected.
Core Values
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