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Welcome to MTJB Engineering

MTJB Engineering is a system engineering company based in Bristol, UK. We are experts in aerospace and defence engineering supplying engineering consultancy services. Our specialty is the design and development of autonomous systems across all four sectors of air, ground, surface and sub-surface. building on your ideas and turning them into reality, ready for trials and beyond.

Aerospace Systems

MTJB Engineering brings over 25 years of experience in aerospace systems. Our knowledge base covers all systems found in the modern aircraft both rotary and fixed wing from power systems through to avionic control and everything in between.

Defence & Security Systems

MTJB Engineering work closely with the defence community being on several support frameworks and developing unmanned systems across Land, Air and Sea domains. MTJB are signed up to the armed forces covenant and employ both veterans and reservists.

Maritime Systems

Unmanned surface vessels provide support to maritime operations from defence through to research in many areas including ship inspection, underwater archaeology and oceanographic surveys. MTJB Engineering provide bespoke design and development of maritime systems.

Agricultural Systems

MTJB Engineering can develop ground or air systems giving benefits from crop monitoring to pest control. Unmanned systems removes the need for continuous human interaction freeing the farmer up to carry out other tasks.

Construction Systems

MTJB Engineering provides bespoke system design that will benefit construction from aerial surveys for the initial bid and investigation, monitoring the build providing inspections through to supplying imagery for marketing purposes.

Commercial Systems

MTJB Engineering works with the commercial sector to develop air, sea or ground systems to very specific requirements. Whether it is for stock control in a warehouse, transportation of goods or designing a flying taxi, MTJB Engineering can cover it all.

Benefits of using MTJB

MTJB Engineering are experts in systems engineering especially in the field of unmanned and autonomous vehicles across all domains. Benefits of using MTJB on your projects are:

Our engineering expertise is based on over 25 years of knowledge
We employ a multi-skilled team spanning from robotics AI through to psychology experts to ensure the full system operability
As an SME we are not restricted by large corporation procedures. This allows us to be agile and adapt to our customer’s needs
We are fully accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials showing our commitment to quality and your information security
Getting MTJB Engineering to develop your systems engineering approach reduces time, cost and complexity

Cyber EssentialsArmed Force CovenantADS logoMTJB ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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