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Welcome to MTJB Engineering

Systems engineering is the process of managing complexity, interoperability, technical risk and the flow of decision-making by understanding how individual elements of a solution interact, and their dependencies on elements managed by others. MTJB provides this service by drawing on over 20 years of experience as systems engineers.

Defence Systems Engineering

Defence systems engineering is at the core of what we do and our experience spans across Air, Land and Naval sectors. We have worked on product development through to acceptance of the latest technology used by front line command.  Working to Defence Standards and Specification we have experts in the latest defence methodologies and documentation outputs.

Transport Systems Engineering

Working to the latest systems engineering standards we provide technical outputs to a high standard to give a benefit through the full system life-cycle. We have experience across many of the engineering sectors with many transferable skills. By using our vast experience and knowledge we can help you realise the benefits of systems engineering across your projects.

Engineering Consultants

Our systems specialists are experts in analysing your system life-cycle from development through to integration and production. By using our experience across all engineering sectors and working closely with your engineering teams we can provide a solution that will bring benefits to your business backed up with quality reports and supporting documentation.

Benefits of using MTJB

MTJB is a company that provides highly specialised systems engineering. Benefits of using MTJB on your projects are:

We are able to call upon over 25 years of systems engineering experience and knowledge
We have a team of highly skilled system experts across multiple sectors
Our agility and adaptability to our customer requirements and systems
We are fully accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials
Our ability to take a higher level, independent view of the system to reduce complexity

Cyber EssentialsArmed Force CovenantADS logoMTJB ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Recent Work / Case Studies

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Requirements Development of Aerospace Avionic System

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Soldier Systems Trial Management

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Ballistic Armour Research

The military are always looking for ways to improve on the ballistic protection for both…

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Gas turbines designed for aerospace are also adapted to be used in power generation both…

Aircraft Concept

Future Aerospace Fuel Pump Health Monitoring Feasibility Assessment

With the prime aerospace designers wanting their aircraft to be more interconnected there is an…

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